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February 12,2020

Find the Exact Clothing You Need, or at Least Someone Who Knows How to Make It

We purchase clothes for fun, to keep warm, for business or sometimes just because it's on sale.  Very often, we need to purchase clothes for a specific event or party and need something VERY specific.  Regular clothing stores might not have that perfect dress or blazer.  Who has time to drive to forty different stores searching for that special item you must have...It's exhausting to say the least.  Well, what....


January 24,2020

How do you find a good trustworthy mechanic?

When we have the pop up issue with our cars and don't want to spend a fortune at the car dealership, where can we go?  I can ask my friends if they know someone who can fix my car, but do they know how to fix my exact issue?  Are they the best price I can get?  Everyone has a "guy" or "gal" who knows how to get it done....but....


January 21,2020

Real Estate Investments and Development Opportunities

Finding the perfect or at least good real estate investment opportunity can be challenging.  Web searches, phone calls, real estate agents and more, there really isn't one great way to search.  Search engines produce listing results but don't really show us the potential or inside details of a property.  So, on the surface, an online listing might not look so good and we dismiss it.  But what if that property....


January 06,2020

Party Planning and Finding that Awesome Show Stopper!

Welcome to the new world of reverse advertising, where it's easier than ever to capture new Commercial and Residential Real Estate clients. It's not about what number you show up on search engines, or how many bus benches and billboards you have....that's old school. Today, give an advantage to those previously disadvantaged by a lack of advertising dollars or a team to make it all happen. With,....