3 Best Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Your Clothing While Traveling in a Hotel or Cruise Ship

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Traveling the world for pleasure or business can be fun, or there can be wrinkles in your plans....literally!  Living out of a suitcase is never fun, and it certainly can be really annoying when you want to look your best and all you have is a suitcase full of wrinkled clothing.  RippleQuest.com allows you to find solutions that aren't easy to come by on the internet, but connecting you with professionals and people just like you, who know how to navigate the world in ways you might not know how.  With RippleQuest.com you can easily type in a search and a professional who knows how to do what you need, or has what you need, will contact you directly and quickly with a solution.  

We've compiled the 3 Best Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Your Clothing While Traveling in a Hotel or Cruise Ship:

1.  Ironing takes time, and if you want to spend more of it enjoying your vacation or business meetings, then ironing ISN'T the way to go.  Want a quick solution for getting our wrinkles and moving on with your plans?  Instasteam is the world's first eco-friendly electricity free clothing steamer.  Yes, you read correctly, electricity free.  How does it work?  You simply take a single use Instasteam pod and pour a little water into it, place it into the provided garment bag and within minutes wrinkles will magically disappear, leaving you with clothing to party in!  It's really that easy, and becuase of the size of the pods, they don't take up valuable luggage space.  The inexpensive pods can be purchased on Amazon or at https://instasteampod.com

2.  For those of you who are looking for a more hands on solution to getting wrinkles out of your clothes or dresses, Instasteampod.com also sells a wrinkle spray.  While it isn't as effective as the Instasteam Pods, it will do a reasonable quick job in removing some stobburn wrinkles to get you on your way.

3.  Lastly, while definately not the most convenient way to go, some hotels will provide a hand steamer, which you can use to get a fresh look...but don't expect it to be quick.  Hand steaming your clothing can take a while and your direct attention and physical working over the clothes manually...

So, whether you are looking for an easy solution or something quick, RippleQuest.com has you covered wherever you go.  Visit RippleQuest.com and type in 'I need a great solution to remove wrinkles from my clothing for a trip I am taking' or any other way you want to express yourself, and let RippleQuest.com do the rest.