5 Ways to Make Money from the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Today, more than ever, people all over the world are looking for ways to make money anywhere...but more importantly, working from home.  There are so many questions...How do I start? What do I do? I don't have momey to start a business...There are all great questions, however, the answer to all of them is a lot easier than you would expect.  We've compiled a few basic questions and answers to help you start making money from home.


1.  Identify a talent or skill that you are good at.
Making money doesn't require a big job at some big firm...and it doesn't even require you to be the best at something...you just have to be good enough at it for someone to pay you for your service.  So, the first step is to identify a skill you have that you feel you are good at?  Art projects?  Painting?  It doesn't matter, because there is always someone who needs or wants the services you can provide...you just have to let the world know what it is.  We are all good at something...so figure out what your skill it.

2.  Join Ripplequest.com and allow the world to search for your talent.
There are many places you can list your business or your talent.  However, on most search engines or business listings, you are going to be competing with the first on the list.  Some are alphabetical, so anyone who's name or business name doesn't start with an A or B, is going to be later on the list....and then, there are search engines that decide who gets to be on the top, or if you pay the most for click - which can get very expensive.  That's where RIPPLEQUEST.COM shines.  Ripplequest.com allows you to list your business or skill for free and then thousands of people who are looking for YOUR skill, search for what they are looking for....you then get an email notification that someone is looking for your product or service and you get the opportunity to respond as quickly as you want...so, in essence, you control the jobs you get...not the other way around.  With search engines and listing services, the customers choose you....with Ripplequest.com, you have the opportunity to reach out to your customers.  Quite simply, this is search re-invented.

3.  Price your talent at competative rates
The hard work isn't over yet.  Just because you were able to make contact with your potential customer through Ripplequest.com, you still have to sell them on using you over the few other competitors.  So, what makes you stand out?  One of the first things customers think about, is the cost.  So, while you don't have to be the cheapest price out there, you certainly can't be the most expensive either...unless of course, you are getting more business than you know what to do with.  Pricing is something that can actually sway a potential customer to use you.  With this knowledge, using pricing should be a tool to win a new customer...but of course it should necessarily be the only thing.  You want to sell your customer on your quality of work and quality of customer service....but the homerun could be to say something like "What does it take to get you to use me?  This is a very subtle way of saying what price will get you to use me.  So, keep an eye on the prize and let Ripplequest.com help you get your next job or customer.

4.  Establish expectations appropriatley
This item is more a philosophy of business, rather than a way to get a new customer...but it is a way to retain a customer for life and get referrals from existing customers....so in essence, it helps you get more business.  When discussing a job, in the very beginning, it is absolutely important to establish the right expections of what you are providing, what is the cost, how long it will take....and...you must stick to your promises...if you meet or exceed your customer's expectations, then they will be satisfied and happy to use you again....if, however, you do not meet the expecations of what was discussed, you will lose that customer for life and possible get negative reviews or feedback, which will affect future potential customers. 

5.  Be really great at customer service, to ensure you get referrals
Customer service is the key to keeping your customers happy.  Happy customers like to tell other people about their experience...which translates into more customers for you...and so on and so forth.  Customer service isn't just about doing a good job.  Customer service starts before you do the job...it's how fast you communicate with the customer, do you return their calls or emails right away?  Do you answer their questions honestly and thoroughly?  During the job, are you sure to communicate how things are going and when it's going to be completed?  And following the job, do you follow up with them to see how they are enjoying the product of service you provided.  Each one of these things take seconds....but have to potential to yield many strong years of great customers who keep coming back.


So, let Ripplequest.com start your journey and take it the rest of the way to making money from your own home!