90s Fashion Trends That Are Back in Style

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Every great era of fashion and design has its retro comeback and there’s no denying that ‘90s fashion trends are cooler than ever. Check out these fun vintage pieces, looks, and styles, and try them out at home today.

Floral Prints
Floral prints are just plain fun. Add a little floral to your outfit in shirts, leggings, or even shoes. There are a lot of varieties of floral patterns to work with, and you can dress up the floral aesthetic for a summer wedding or dress it down for a chic and cool look that really is timeless.

Choker Necklaces
Chokers today are so much more than black bands. Go for the classic dark shoelace look or add gems and rhinestones to really throwback. Choker necklaces are a little bit prep and a little bit punk and a whole lot of fun.

Overalls are fashionable and functionable. Not only are they one of the few pieces of women’s clothing that actually have working pockets, but they’re very versatile and can be styled in many different ways. Leave one strap down, add a cute undershirt, or tie your hair up in a red bandana for some totally different looks.

How did scrunchies ever go out of style? Not only are they totally adorable and available in a lot of different prints and colors, but they’re way less damaging for your hair. The looser elastic means no ponytail kinks at the end of the day and you can kiss those headaches goodbye.

Flannel is the ultimate layer piece and whether it’s wrapped around the waist, worn loose, or cinched at the ribs, it’s a classic, comfortable, and cute look that withstands the test of time. There are lots of great flannel options available right now, so pick up your favorite look in a handful of colors.

Cargo Pants
It’s true, cargo pants are in—but they look a little different this time. The classic ‘90s staple has gotten an upgrade, and now they’re available in a more fitted, more intentional style that highlights shape and still serves a purpose. Explore the new, much wide palette of cargo pant color options and try on these comfy pants for yourself today.

Fanny packs
Fanny packs are cool again, and once you’ve walked around Disneyland for 12 hours or gone on a hike up the mountain, you’ll see why. They’re comfortable, adorable, and serve the purpose of carrying your essentials in a secure location that is difficult to steal or open. They come in lots of unique colors and designs so find your favorite new look today.

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