Art Projects for the Whole Family

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Art projects are a great way to stay entertained and have fun, even during a period of isolation or when it’s too hot to go outside. Crafts can help us to pass the time, create something beautiful, and allow for quality family togetherness that will make lasting memories. Here are some great family-centric projects kids—and parents—are sure to enjoy.

Tie Dye
Tie dye is an awesome project because it’s so versatile. You can tie dye clothing, shoes, towels, accessories or even home decor! It’s important to tie dye outside, because it does stain permanently, but once completed, you’ll have a beautiful piece you can wear or display. Remember, when you wash your tie dye, either spray generously with a hose or wash alone in the machine for the first time.

Friendship Bracelets
Friendship braceleting is another summer camp favorite and it’s excellent for families because it can be done at many levels. You’ll want to begin by purchasing embroidery floss, which is available at any arts and crafts store or online, and then search for age appropriate patterns. Chevron and candy stripe are easy patterns to begin with.

Garden Mosaics
If you want to give your garden a gorgeous new piece full of love, a mosaic stepping path is the perfect way to do it. Round up the broken plates, mugs, or pots you have in the house or visit a thrift shop and pick up some unique patterned pieces. Then mix up a batch of concrete from the hardware store and pour it into a flat mold. Press the pieces in and allow the steps to dry completely before sanding them down.

One fun way to watercolor is to lay painters tape in unique designs on your canvas. Experiment with your favorite water colors and designs and then, once the paint has dried, pull the tape off for a gorgeous, negative space element that really stands out. Of course, water color is great for families because it’s versatile and easy to clean, as well.

Make a Wreath
Decorate your front door for the season or the next holiday with a multimedia project the kids will love. Begin by creating a frame from wire or wood and then decide what kind of style you’re looking for. Wreaths can be crafted from live or plastic flowers, felt and fabrics, found objects, paper and so much more. They can hang anywhere in the house, so let your imagination run wild!

Learn to Knit
Knitting isn’t just fun, it’s also functional! When you know how to knit, you can create small projects like coasters and gloves and much larger ones like sweaters and blankets. These will make great gifts for family and friends and it’s so satisfying to really see a project come to completion. There are many online videos and resources for getting started.

No matter what your next project might be, Ripplequest is here to help you get the job done right. Our community of fine art experts, childcare professionals, is here to support you. Join and search today.