Clothing Staples Every Modern Man Needs in His Wardrobe

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When it comes to thriving at work, finding the right romantic partner, or enjoying hobbies with friends, a good wardrobe can make any man feel confident, comfortable, and ready to succeed. Here are a few simple clothing staples that every man should have in his wardrobe.


Nice T-Shirt

Your college tee doesn’t count. Sure, you can keep a few cozy lounge pieces, but nice t-shirts are important as well. They’ll work well for layering and show that you can present a clean and polished look while still staying comfortable.

Dressy Shoes

These don’t have to be dress shoes. In fact, you want to be sure you have a pair of shoes that falls somewhere between casual and workplace. Chelsea boots, loafers, or a pair of fashion sneakers can all do the trick. You should be able to dress these shoes up or wear them on a more casual outing for maximum effect.

Dress Pants That Fit

If you work in an office, you likely already have a few pairs of work pants, but the trick is to find versatile colors and cuts that can be used for many different occasions. Your dress pants are worth getting tailored, to ensure the fit is clean and you looked polished and respectable.

Nice Jeans

Every man needs denim. You’ll want to have a few denim staples in your wardrobe, including a pair of nice jeans for nights out on the town. Darker colors are slimming and match with a lot of different shirts and jackets, so explore a couple of different fits and shapes to find the right pair you can rely on.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts can be worn in a few different ways, so it’s important that you have a collection you can depend on. Like dress pants, these should be tailored to fit your build, and you’ll want to make sure you pick the right colors and hues for your complexion.

The Right Jacket

You don’t want to have a fine dining emergency, where you realize there’s nothing in the closet nice enough for the restaurant or event you’re attending. Depending on your lifestyle and professional, you’ll want to have a couple of different jacket options, including blazers, sports jackets, and suits, but no matter how many or what kind you own, they should be professionally tailored to fit you right.

A Good Belt

You can also go the route of suspenders if you feel it fits your personal clothing style. While you should always have your pants tailored to fit your frame, a belt or suspenders will ensure that they sit right, slim you down, and keep your outfit comfortable. You’ll want to find a belt that matches with the majority of the pieces in your wardrobe for maximum use.

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