Coffee Table Books to Buy Today

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The right coffee table books can add something special to your space, make for interesting conversation, and provide information and history you’re sure to enjoy. Here are a few basic coffee table books that every home and apartment needs.


Art and Architecture Books

Whether you’re a fan of the Impressionists or you love modern photography, there’s a coffee table book to fit your style. Not only will a large art book look lovely in your space, but it’s an excellent jumping-off point for discussions on current gallery shows, documentaries, art around the home or apartment, and more.

Humorous Books

Coffee table books don’t need to be all about history and art. You can have a little fun with them and pick up a book of funny dog pictures, political comics, or even internet culture references. Seeing your funny books will help to put your guests at ease and provide a different kind of conversation starter.

City Guide

If you live in a new or growing city, it’s a good idea to have a guide close at hand. While you can always go online and search for activities and events nearby, it’s fun to look through a guidebook and find the things you wouldn’t otherwise know about. If you have friends or family staying from out of town, the city guide can be useful to them, as well.

Recipe Books

Who doesn’t love looking at beautiful pictures of food? Yes, we mostly use online recipes in today’s day and age, but recipe books can be marked up, passed down, and shared with loved ones, so there’s something special about having one front and center. It shows that your space is homey and full of love.

History Books

History books make for great coffee table additions because they tend to be very image-centric and because you can highlight some of your favorite topics and interests from the past in a subtle way that will match any decor. Plus, you might find that some of your friends share your passions!

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