Computer Accessories for Your Home Office

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When you’re ready to take your home office to the next level, a few simple and accessible computer accessories can really help. You’ll want to have easy access to backups, printouts, and storage, and this guide is a great place to get started. Don’t forget to share your own favorite computer accessories.


A Computer Monitor

If you’re used to working on a laptop, or your job doesn’t require a ton of screen time, then you might be able to skip the second monitor. However, if you need to do a lot of design, are looking for ways to stay more organized, or you just like working on two screens at once, then a second monitor can be a huge asset. Explore your options to see the best computer monitor for your needs today.

An External Hard Drive

You also have a lot of options for cloud storage, but it’s worth having an external hard drive as well. Whether you’re working on your next novel or you have a big account for the office, you don’t want to run the risk of losing all those many hours of hard work and creativity. Find the right external hard drive to fit your needs and back up regularly.

Sound-Canceling Headphones

When you work at home, it can sometimes be challenging to concentrate on the job, since the phone is ringing, the dogs are barking, and the kids are shouting up the stairs. Sound-canceling headphones can help. Find a good playlist to fit your mood or project and pop on your headphones to get the work done right.

An External Keyboard and Mouse

If you’re not a fan of your laptop’s trackpad or you’re looking for a way to type more quickly and efficiently, then you’ll want to pick up a few external products, like a keyboard and mouse. You have many different options for these external systems, but it’s best to go with a product that connects automatically without hardware, so check out your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard choices today!

An Advanced Webcam

Working from home often means communicating with jobs and clients at a distance—and a good webcam can help. The right webcam is easy to adjust, flattering to you, and high-quality. When you’re ready to pitch a new product, speak with your editor, or interview for a big article, you should be able to trust your tech, so you can focus on forging a great connection.

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