Create Outfits to Reach Customers

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It can be challenging to sell clothing and accessories from home or to reach new customers when health concerns limit in-store shopping, but don’t worry. Creating unique and beautiful outfits and style boards will help you to inspire potential customers, share fun fashion ideas, and take your business to the next level.

Use a Design Program

There are many free and inexpensive design programs available, so if you’re looking to create a unique and stylish look from existing photographs, you won’t have to spend a lot of money. Set the clothing and pieces against a background that matches the style but still allows for enough contrast to see the individual items and consider adding in a few extras that really give it that fun and unique aesthetic.

Explore Pinterest

Pinterest has a wide variety of topics and information, but clothing is always going to be a success on this social platform. Try creating different boards for your types of outfits and accessories and engage with customers who comment on and share your content. Pinterest is a female-centric social platform, so you’ll be able to reach a lot of buyers and share your beautiful crafted design boards.

Mix and Match Pieces

Chances are that a lot of your pieces will serve in multiple looks, so don’t be afraid to overlap! It’s important to show that your clothing and accessories are versatile and easy to match and style, so potential customers can get a sense of all the different looks they can achieve with just one staple.

Display Your Belongings

You probably have a ton of fun design pieces right in your own home. Use items like books, coffee mugs, bedspreads and houseplants to help add an aesthetic and design to your favorite outfits. This will give your potential customers a sense of what their next look might be and is a fun way to showcase and highlight your products.

Collaborate on Projects

If you already have designers you love, see if they might be willing to work on a project together for greater exposure and the opportunity to create something really unique and exciting. You can share your pieces and designs, tag each other on social media, and use their input to create totally unique looks your followers are sure to love.

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