Day-Of Tips for a Smooth Moving Experience

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Moving can be a stressful time and you have a lot to keep track of as you begin packing up one home and preparing another. When it comes down to the last day, you’ll probably feel a little distracted and worried, but these day-of moving tips and tricks will ensure the experience goes as smoothly as possible.


Stay Organized

Staying organized is essential to an easy moving experience. Make a complete list of everything you need to accomplish over the course of the day, even the very small things, so you won’t have to worry about keeping them all straight in your head. Mark things off as you go and you’ll be able to see every project that is complete and that still needs to be completed.

Plan Pet and Childcare

Pets and kids are wonderful, but they can add an element of chaos to an already busy day, so it’s a good idea to find a safe and comfortable place for them to be while you take care of business at the house. There’s always the added safety concern of a dog getting out of the yard or your child getting in the way of the movers, so find a sitter or family friend who’s happy to help.

Wear the Right Clothes

You want to get an early start to the day and wear comfortable utilitarian clothes that will make it easy to get the job done right. Pick out pieces that provide range of motion, protect your skin from rough edges, and allow you to carry your important belongings. Pockets are helpful for phones, hammers and screwdrivers, tapes, and notepads.

Keep the Essentials at Hand

You want to have cash available for the moving company, if you’ve decided to go with a service, as well as your phone charger, so you can stay in communication with anyone you’ll need to talk to throughout the day. But it’s also important to have food and drinks handy, since moving can be exhausting and you don’t want to have to worry about lunch halfway through. Keep out a cooler and try to use up the food in the fridge.

Wash it All Down

You’ve probably been cleaning as you pack, which is an excellent way to save time and ensure you’re taking all of your important belongings with you. Still, you want to go over any trouble spots with a wet paper towel after the furniture and boxes have been removed. There’s no need for a comprehensive clean, but moving can kick up dust and expose stains, so a simple wipe down will help.

Walk Through

It can be sad to say goodbye to a home you love, and you may be tempted to skip that final, hard experience, but a walkthrough is important. You’ll be able to see if you left anything essential behind or if there are any problems or safety concerns that need to be fixed before you can leave. If it’s too hard to do all at once, then try to tackle each room as you empty it.

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