Designing Your Own Home FAQ

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Designing your own home is an amazing way to get the look you love and create a place that really feels like your own. It may seem like a scary process, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few common questions answered about how to design your own home.


Where Do I Start?

If you’re at the very beginning of the process, then you’ll want to start with the big idea. Take time and do a lot of research to determine what kind of styles you like, what appliances and features your home needs, what environment it will be in and how it will interact with the space, and more. Make notes, look at architecture boards, and allow yourself to think big.

What Location Do I Pick?

Just as you would with an existing house, you’ll want to find the right location for your family. Maybe that means it’s peaceful and quiet, close to schools and parks, or near to work. When designing a home of your own, you’ll also want to keep the style and structure of the building in mind, as well as any potential zoning laws that might make it difficult to build everything you want. Do a little research before deciding on the perfect property to fit your new home needs.

How Much Will it Cost?

That’s entirely up to you. Whether you’re spending a small amount of money or budget is no concern, you’re going to want to track your expenses and keep records of everything you buy and everyone you hire. Going into the process, it’s important to decide how much you’re willing to spend. Building a house isn’t inexpensive, so following your budget carefully, making sacrifices and compromises, and staying very organized, will help keep you on the right track.

Should I Hire a Design Team?

You can definitely hire a design team, at least to finalize the plans. If you feel comfortable creating the outline of important features and rendering it yourself in a 3D program before approaching a building company, then go ahead and get started on your own before bringing someone in. Keep in mind that the professionals will be able to spot structural and space issues that you might not see. They’ll also give you a sense of how much each design choice is going to cost when you’re ready to hire your builders.

How do I Find the Right Build Team?

When you’re ready to bring your ideas to life, you’re going to want to find the right contractors to realize your vision. Your architect and design team will have access to great resources that make it easy to determine who is right for the job, and you can explore local referrals to get started. is also an excellent resource for finding the right company for the job. Start your search with “architects near me” to begin the house designing journey today.