Dorm Move-In Day Made Easy

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Moving yourself or your college kid into the dorm is an exciting experience, and a great way to help support your loved one as they take this next step in their journey. It may feel a little chaotic and overwhelming to move in when everyone else is also getting their dorms in order, but these simple tips and tricks can help ensure that dorm move-in day goes smoothly and easily.


Pack Intentionally

Before you even get to dorm move-in day, you want to be thinking about best practices. While it can be tempting to toss everything into a suitcase and figure it out later, that’s going to make move-in day complicated and challenging—and it doesn’t need to be. Instead, pack strategically. Your winter clothes can stay in your suitcase, so they should be packed first. Wrap up your hanging clothes in a plastic bag and hang them as soon as you arrive. And don’t forget to leave your important stuff—toothbrushes, glasses, socks—right on top for easy access!

Keep Important Information Close

It’s a good idea to keep your ID, phone, and map, schedule, or other move-in day information close at hand at all times. You’ll probably have to make several trips from the car to the dorm and you don’t want to forget anything important or accidentally find yourself locked out of the room or office. Pants with pockets or even a fanny pack or backpack can ensure that you have everything you need close by. It’s also vital to check and double day the move-in information when you first arrive to make sure you have everything important and that you’re headed to the right place.

Dress for Utility

Yes, you want to look cute and approachable your first day in the dorms, but when you’re moving stuff in, setting furniture up, and racing back to the car for those last few items, you’re going to get a little sweaty and a little dirty. It’s better to wear comfortable clothes that breathe easily and allow for ease of movement. Once you’re moved in and unpacked, you can show off all of your favorite outfits.

Come Prepared

Your dorm may offer carts, but there’s a good chance they’ll be checked out all day and it can be hard to get your hands on one. If you have a cart at home, consider bringing your own, to make the move-in process quick and simple. You’ll also want to have some tools and supplies close by as well. Scissors are important, but a screwdriver, hammer, and roll of tape will all be useful on moving day. Don’t forget a few simple cleaning supplies, too!

Keep Snack on Hand

Moving in usually takes longer than you’re expecting, and you’ll probably be hungry by the time everything is said and done. It can be challenging to get away during moving day and it’s a good idea to have food and water with you, so you can take quick breaks without losing too much time.

Be Kind to Your Roommate

Of course, you want to make sure you and your roommate have a good relationship, and that starts from even before you move in. It’s a good idea to connect before move-in day and discuss which beds or desks you each want to take and what kind of additions you’ll be bringing to the room, like a coffee maker or a mini-fridge. If your roommate gets there after you, offer to help them move in, and try to be respectful and patient of their space and belongings on move-in day and beyond.

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