Drive a Moving Truck With Ease

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If you’re making a big move, you may have decided to drive your moving truck, rather than hiring a crew. It may seem a little overwhelming, but that moving truck was designed to be driven by regular people, and with these simple tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be able to navigate safely and comfortably.


Drive Slowly

You may be used to driving in the fast lane on the highway or taking turns at higher speeds, but it’s vital to observe road signals and maintain complete control over your vehicle as much as is possible. Most moving trucks are limited to a certain speed by the rental company anyway, so going slow is safer, easier, and necessary.

Give Yourself Room and Time to Stop

You want to maintain a good distance from the car in front of you because trucks are much heavier than cars—especially if they’re full of your belongings—and they take longer to come to a complete stop. It’s always a good idea to begin braking early, so you don’t jar your passengers or potentially break anything in the truck.

Park Intentionally

It’s best to give yourself plenty of space when parking because trucks are most likely much larger than the vehicle you’re accustomed to driving. Visibility can be a bit challenging as well, so always give yourself room to get in and out. And always, always, always, engage your parking brake when you exit the vehicle.

Use Your Mirrors

Of course, you use your mirrors when driving a car, but you have a lot more visibility in a small car than you do in a truck, and that’s why you need to depend on your mirrors at all times. Always check and set your mirrors before you begin driving, and become very comfortable with looking at them to see where you are on the road in comparison to other vehicles, guardrails, and sidewalks.

Give Yourself a Break

Driving a truck can be much more tiring than driving a car because you’re constantly alert and aware of everything going on around you and you don’t yet feel comfortable in your vehicle. If you have multiple drivers, try to switch out often so no one feels overwhelmed, and if you’re driving yourself then take many breaks for food and rest.

Driving a moving truck doesn’t have to be a scary experience. With a little care and patience, you can easily navigate your belongings to their next home. But if you’re after an expert moving team and the resources you need to start packing, search to find the perfect moving services right now!