Equipment Every Home Gym Needs

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Whether you’re stuck inside or you’re simply looking to work out without spending a lot of money, a home gym can really help you get active, stage positive, and live a healthier life. Here are a couple pieces of equipment that every home gym should have.

Exercise Mat

The exercise mat plays a lot of roles and is helpful to most fitness enthusiasts, even in different disciplines. If you’re interested in high-intensity workout training, strength building, or even stretching, the exercise mat can make your workout more comfortable, help to protect your joints, and muffle noise on your floors, so you won’t get late-night calls from the neighbors. An exercise mat is different than a yoga mat, so if you work out and do yoga, you’ll want to have both.


Dumbbells are another versatile piece of workout equipment that every fitness enthusiast needs. You’ll probably want to pick up a few different weights and sizes because they can be used to target arm muscles, the core and back, or even the legs. The more dumbbell options you have, the more home workouts are available to you.

Step Bench

The step bench is helpful both in cardio and in strength training. You can use it to tone your legs and glutes, take video dance classes designed for a step, and adjust push-ups and core workouts to fit your level by adding or taking away height. They don’t take up a lot of room, but they can add a great deal to your next workout.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an inexpensive and effective way to take your workout to the next level. You can add them to your current strength training and high-intensity interval training workouts, or you can create activities designed around them, but they serve many purposes and can help you to build strength, tone, and stretch.

Jump Rope

If you have the space, you’ll want to invest in a good jump rope. Jump rope may be a schoolyard game for kids, but it’s also an incredible workout for cardio fans and will burn a lot of calories in a very short amount of time. If you can’t fit a treadmill in your living room, a quick jump rope workout is a great substitute.

A TV, Tablet or Phone

There are tons of great activities and workout courses available for free and via subscription, and if you’re looking to get motivated, learn more, or stay active, these classes can really help. Even if you’re working out on your own, you’re still going to want to get that music going so you feel inspired and ready to sweat!

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