Find the Perfect Mirror For Your Space

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Whether you’re on the search for a full-length mirror, or you want an accent piece that fits just right, mirrors are useful pieces of home decor that can add something special to any space. Check out our guide for finding the perfect mirror today.


Consider the Shape

The shape of your mirror is important because it can change your perception of the room around it. For instance, a mirror that is tall and vertical will draw attention to the height of the room and have you glancing up. By comparison, a more horizontal mirror will move your eye around the room. Shape can play a very large role in which mirror is right for your room, especially if it’s a smaller space, so consider what effect you are trying to achieve.

Think About Use

At the end of the day, mirrors should be functional and useful. If you need a full-length mirror, then get a full-length mirror, as it serves a very different purpose than a decorative mirror placed at the door for one last look before you leave. The function of your mirror will help decide its size, shape, and location, so it’s important to think about what you’ll be using it for most.

Size Means Everything

Beyond functionality, you want to make sure that the mirror fits well into the space where you’ve hung it. While you can direct the eye around the room based on the shape of the mirror, you don’t want to crowd the space with a mirror that is simply too big, so do some measurements before you purchase.

Keep Consistent

A mirror both serves as a utilitarian piece and also decor, so when deciding on the right mirror for your space, you want to be sure that it matches your current aesthetic. You have a wide range of mirrors to pick between, from the chic and bold to the minimalist, so explore your options to find the right piece today.

Keep to the Budget

You can find many beautiful mirrors at very reasonable prices, so don’t be considered if you see a gorgeous piece that’s well outside of your price range. Mirrors really run the spectrum on cost, so set a budget for yourself and search for pieces you like that won’t break the bank.

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