Get Them Dancing at Your Next Party

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Nothing says party like a full dance floor and moving feet! If you’re worried that you just won’t be able to get your friends and family up and dancing at your next party, these tips and tricks should be able to help out!


Play the Right Music

It’s not just a case of playing good dance music. You want to play good dance music for the guests at your party. Younger guests might enjoy pop or hip-hop, where older partygoers will go for the classics. Knowing who’s attending your event will make it easy to find the right music and keep them on the dance floor all night long!

Set Up the Space

You want people to feel comfortable dancing, which means that there’s enough space, the dance floor is in a good location, and that it won’t block anyone’s access to food or the guests of honor. Picking out the right location for the dance floor is key to getting everyone out of their seats!

Allow for Requests in Advance

Of course, it’s fun to have your favorite song played at a party, but too many last minute requests can interrupt the flow of the music and have people sitting down. If you’re sending out formal invitations for your party, you can provide a place for guests to put their favorite songs—and it’ll be a pleasant surprise when it comes on!

Plan Ahead

Once people sit down, there is a good chance they won’t get up again. That’s why you want to plan out your party schedule so that announcements, toasts, and introductions happen in the beginning, and that segues into an epic party that goes for the rest of the night. Try to avoid any dancing interruptions, if possible.

Set the Mood

You can set a festive party mood early in the night with live music during the cocktail hour, but there are lots of ways to encourage people to feel comfortable to dance. Dim the lights, serve alcoholic beverages, and don’t forget to get out on the dance floor yourself. When the guest of honor is having a great time, others will join in!

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