How Nannies Can Stay Connected With Kids From Home

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When health concerns or long-distance travel keep babysitters and nannies away from their charges, it can be sad and frustrating. Connecting with kids is one of the most important and wonderful parts of working as a caretaker, so you’ll want to check out this guide to staying involved and engaged with your kids, even from a distance.


Write Them Letters

Depending on the age of the children you normally nanny for, letters can be an excellent way to help them practice reading and writing. Not only do you get to decorate your mail with fun stickers and pictures, but you can also add in trinkets and games that will remind them you’re always close to them in heart and spirit. Consider making signs with their names, friendship bracelets, or even cookies.

Read Them Bedtime Stories

If you normally put your little one to bed at night or for naptime, they’re probably missing your stories and sleepytime comfort. Speak with mom and dad about having a bedtime story night, where you can video chat and read them their favorite books or sing them a song. You’ll still get to share this special experience, while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Watch a Movie Together

Maybe you share a special movie date every once in a while, or you both love a classic cartoon! There are many available programs for watching movies in different places at the same time, so you can tune into something great, both grab your popcorn, and enjoy a fun and memorable time while staying safely at home.

Send Them Pictures of Your Hobbies

While nannies don’t want to encourage too much screen time, communicating with loved ones is an excellent use of modern technology, and can be employed to share fun and exciting moments between you. If you’re growing a home garden, just adopted a puppy, or made a delicious cake, send your little one some pictures so they can feel like they’re part of the experience. And encourage them to share their own hobbies and activities as well!

Create Something Together

This can be done online or via the mail, depending on the age and interests of the children you nanny for. Maybe your child likes to write or draw stories! Put together an online folder where you can both collaborate and communicate about your characters, where they’re going, and what adventure they’ll have next. Or maybe you pick up a black sketchpad and each fill in one page before sending it back. Working on a project together is a fun and exciting way to stay connected.

It can be difficult to be away from the family you’re so close to, but when you’re ready to meet up in person again, can help. We have parents and caretakers needed to make great connections, stay engaged, provide for their young charges, and more.