How do you find a good trustworthy mechanic?

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When we have the pop up issue with our cars and don't want to spend a fortune at the car dealership, where can we go?  I can ask my friends if they know someone who can fix my car, but do they know how to fix my exact issue?  Are they the best price I can get?  Everyone has a "guy" or "gal" who knows how to get it done....but I want my own person who I can easily communicate with to get my car fixed, and I want to know that I am not being ripped off!  That's what is all about.  All you have to do, is search for "I need an auto mechanic to fix my wheel, it's making noise."  Within moments, you will receive chat communication from one or more mechanics in your area, who know what you are talking about.  You can then chat back and ask for an estimate or what they think it might's great, because you didn't have to hunt for a winner...they reach out to you! It's the easiest and most convenient way to find anything you need or want, with one simple search.  Check out today!