How to Decide Which Social Media Platform is Right for You

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There are many different social media platforms in the world today and it seems like something new is always just around the corner. It can feel overwhelming deciding which platform is best for building your business and reaching new clients, but there are a few simple things that will help you narrow your search and establish the right online presence for your brand today.


Know Your Audience

While you can find people from all walks of life on every platform, the demographics vary a lot from platform to platform. It’s a good idea to explore your company or website’s analytics to determine your main audience demographic and go from there. You can either use social media to pull in more members of your current audience or to find a new audience that you’re not yet reaching.

Consider Your Content

It’s a good idea to think about what kind of content you’re planning to share in advance. Each social platform emphasizes a different kind of media, so if your brand is image-centric, Instagram or Pinterest might be more effective for you. If you’re more about fostering dialogue and sharing long-form content, then Facebook will probably be a better fit.

Think About Your Limitations

Social media can be a lot of work and it’s easy to get pulled into the whirlwind of constant updating and commenting and sharing. It’s important to be honest with yourself about your time and resource limitations before you get started. Each platform has different needs and expectations and you’ll want to focus on finding the one you can realistically maintain well.

Determine Your Goals

You want to have a sense of what the social media platform is supposed to be doing before you sign up. Are you looking to sell more books or reach specific clients? Some social media platforms are better for exposure and others for direct sales. You might be interested in communicating with industry professionals or engaging in online discussion. Once you have a better sense of how the social media channel can best help you, it will be far easier to determine which platform to dedicate your time to.

Think Long-Term

While social media does seem to be always changing, it can take time to develop an organic and engaged audience that really supports your business—and you want to be certain it’s worth it. Look at the future goals for your organization and consider what other kinds of marketing and advertising you’re currently doing and planning to do next. Social media is one facet of your overall marketing and branding material, so you’ll want to build with bigger goals in mind.

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