How to Keep Your Furniture Looking New

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The furniture in your home can help to define the aesthetic, showcase your refined look, and make your place feel comfy and cozy. Whether you’re refurbishing vintage pieces or you have a chair you just love, there are a few simple ways to keep your furniture looking clean, fresh, and well-maintained to impress your guests and take pride in your home.


Keep Wooden Furniture Away From Sunlight and Heat

Too much heat or direct sunlight can have a serious impact on your wooden furniture, which is why you want to be sure to place wooden pieces out of direct sunlight and away from major heat sources like fireplaces and heaters. Too much sun can fade beautiful wood finishes and heat can cause white spots and other unsightly damage.

Don’t Put Coffee Pots Under Cabinets

It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid placing any moisture-creating appliances under cabinets, as the repeated use can cause long-term damage. Coffee pots are one of the number one culprits, because the moisture released is hot and they’re used nearly every day. If your coffeemaker is located below a cabinet, you’ll want to pull it free to use it and allow it to cool completely before putting it back.

Dust Often

Not only can dust look unsightly and make your home feel untidy, but over time it can start to actually damage your furniture. Dust is made up of microfibers, which can cause scratches and discoloration on your favorite pieces, so it’s better to dust regularly and prevent any possibility of damage.


Polish Your Furniture Post-Clean

Cleaning your furniture is vital to keeping it looking smooth and beautiful, but the process can sometimes remove the furniture polish that helps to protect the surface. If you’re cleaning your furniture with soap and water, beyond simply dusting it, then you’ll want to take the time to add a new layer of polish protection.

Use the Right Cleaner

Different surfaces require different cleaning agents, and the wrong products can damage your furniture or shorten its lifespan. You’ll want to find the right polish and cleaning solution to match the material you’re cleaning, from floors to furniture, to upholstery. A little research can help to keep your furniture looking beautiful for years to come.

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