How to Make a Vacation Rental More Appealing

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Renting out a vacation home is an excellent way to make it pay for itself and to reduce the environmental impact of keeping two homes. Whether you’re looking to rent it yourself or you’re going through an agency, here are some ways to make your vacation rental more interesting for potential renters, so you have a full calendar all year long.

Take the Tech Up a Notch

In today’s modern day, wireless internet and available streaming services are vital to any home, whether you live there all the time or you’re only renting for a week. While it’s likely your renters will be taking the week or month off work for a trip, they’ll still need to check their emails and social media feeds, stay in touch with friends, and plan their day trips, so good internet is essential. You also want to make sure you have at least one available streaming program like Netflix or Hulu, so they can kick back and relax while on vacation.

Make it Homey

You don’t want the space to appear cluttered, so keep it clean and organized with no piles sitting around, but you do want it to feel like a home. Your renters have the option of staying in an impersonal hotel space, but instead have chosen to rent a communal living area. Put up art, arrange fresh flowers and fruit, and provide a sense of family and togetherness to really bring people in.

Provide Non-Tech Options

While it’s vital to have connectivity in your home, a lot of families are looking to get away from screens for a little while, so you also want to give them non-tech options as well. A well-stocked bookshelf is an excellent way to make your space feel like a home and you’ll want to pick up a few family games and puzzles for after dinner. These small touches will make it easier for them to relax on vacation and make your home more appealing.

Offer Suggestions

An excellent welcome book is one way to really showcase how professional and reputable your rental is. In addition to information on the house, including internet passwords and security codes, you’ll also want to include some flyers and brochures about the area. Consider speaking with local restaurants and vendors about offering discounts, include a few great menus, and make sure they know how to get to local attractions.

Welcome Them

If you’re not able to welcome your new renters in person, a welcome basket is a great touch for giving them a good vibe from the minute they walk through the door. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the basket, but a few goodies from local vendors or even a quick trip to the farmer’s market, can make all the difference.

Use Quality Photography

Before your renters ever sign, they want to get a sense of what your space is like. High-quality, well-lit photos that showcase all the best parts of your home, like the view, the balcony, and the modern appliances, are the perfect way to get their attention and keep them interested. If you have the resources, it’s worth bringing in a professional photographer to ensure you reach as many interested renters as possible.

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