How to Pick the Right Tour Guide

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Whether you’re exploring a brand new place, adventuring off the beaten path, or you just want a new perspective on a beloved destination, a tour guide can be an excellent addition to any trip. There are many different types of tour guides and tour company experiences, and it’s important to pick the right one for your travel style. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when deciding on the right tour guide for your next trip.

Decide on the Type of Trip

Some tour guides will spend the day with a group of travelers, others you can hire for a week of hiking and exploring. It’s important to set some parameters and expectations while looking for a tour guide so you can find someone that is knowledgeable and helpful, but who can, if necessary, help to keep you safe in the forest or mountains.

Are They the Right Fit For Your Group?

If your group is young, fit, and ready for adventure, you’ll want to find a tour guide who will keep you on your toes and introduce you to hidden spots around the city or off the trails. Perhaps your fellow travelers are more interested in the history of art and architecture and don’t want to travel as far or as fast every day. A tour guide should add to your trip and help you to make excellent memories, so be honest about your physical requirements and interests to find the right tour guide for your group.

Do Your Research

You’ll feel more comfortable booking with a reputable company, so it’s a good idea to do a little research in advance to find the right tour company for your perfect travel experience. Not only do you want to be certain that they have the right insurance and qualifications to take you around safely, but you also want to get a vibe for what their tours will be like, where they go, and what food, rest, and ticket options they have available.

Compare Costs

It’s a good idea to compare costs between tour companies, but you also want to do a little checking into the costs of event and attraction tickets before you book, to make sure it’s really worth the cost. You might decide to divide your time so you visit some places on your own and some with a guide, or you might find that going through a tour company is a great way to save money.

They’re Traveler Focused and Flexible

Of course, your tour guide will have a certain itinerary to follow and part of their job is ensuring you get to all the events and activities you’ve booked and paid for. That said, you want to know that your tour guide will listen to the group needs, ask questions, and follow your interests to the extent that they’re able. A fun, informed tour guide will help to make your trip really special.

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