How to Promote Your Aircraft Service Business Remotely

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Current health concerns might be that fewer customers are bringing their aircraft in for service and repairs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be pushing your business higher and building bigger every day. Here are a few simple steps to take to promote your aircraft service business remotely today.


Utilize and Build Brand Identity

When customers in your area think about aircraft service, they should think about your business. Branding should feel consistent, relatable, and informative across all platforms and should give your customers a sense of confidence about using your services. You might want to consider upgrading your website, creating or developing your social media channels, and communicating with current or potential clients via a newsletter.


Identify and Analyze Current and Target Demographics

Now is an excellent time to see who is using your aircraft service business and who you aren’t yet reaching. Once you have a good sense of your current consumer demographic, you’ll know where best to communicate with them and where to change your marketing tactics so you can reach potential customers. This can be done via advertising, social media, and branding and will go a long way to developing your business.

Explain What Sets You Apart

Your customers likely have several options when it comes to getting services and repairs for their aircraft, so you’ll want to do a little market research into your competition to show potential clients what makes your business better than the rest. How long have your technicians been working in the industry? What kind of aircraft do they like to fly most? Use both professional and personal approaches to showcase all the reasons potential customers can really rely on you.

Highlight Other Services

If your customers are looking for aircraft repair services now, but need hangar leasing down the line, it’s important that they know you offer that as well. If your company offers flying lessons, helicopter training, drone courses, or anything else that might be of interest to your potential customers, keep them informed! You want to encourage them to continue coming back for aircraft servicing and everything else you can provide.

Stay Involved

One of the best ways to reach new customers is to stay current and engaged. Use your social and online platforms to communicate your plans for the future, sales, reviews and comments, and more. Updating often will help you to keep your business relevant and interesting and will establish you as the aircraft service company to trust.

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