Instagram Tips for Your Catering Service

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If outside forces like health concerns or the weather keep your catering service from performing at full capacity, don’t worry. There are still ways you can boost your brand, build your business, and reach new potential customers right from the comfort of home. All it takes is an Instagram account. Here are a few things catering services should keep in mind when promoting on Instagram.


Stay True to Your Brand

You want your future customers to be able to recognize your work and think of your company when they’re looking for their next caterer. Make sure that your aesthetic is consistent and that you have plenty of contact information available to interested viewers. One glance at your feed should have them both knowing who you are and wanting to give you a call.

Go For High Quality

Food doesn’t always photograph well, which is why it’s important to take high-quality photographs of your work to really showcase how delicious and lovely it is. It’s better to post just a few really well-lit and finished photos than to have a feed of mediocre shots. Take the time to do it right because your work deserves the best.

Write Great Captions

It’s important to have high-quality photos and it’s important to have high-quality text as well. Take the time to write engaging, informative, and thoughtful captions. This will help to present your business as professional and helpful and also encourage viewers to take the time to learn more about their options when they hire you. It’s a good idea to mention some of your company’s features and include calls to action.

Use Hashtags Intentionally

Hashtags are an excellent way to reach the right audience for your company, but you want to be careful. Too many hashtags will make your post look cluttered and unprofessional. Do a little research to determine which hashtags are right for reaching your future audience and test them out. It’s also a good idea to tag any companies or venues you might work with (with nice statements!) so you can cross-promote and engage with a new audience.

Take Advantage of Stories

If you attend a lot of events, you’re visiting a new city, or you’re hosting cool activities for future cooks, share that with the world! Instagram stories help to get viewers excited, they’re easy to access, and their quick nature means they don’t have to be as polished as an Instagram photo. It’s essential to update regularly, and this is a great way to do it.

Be Personable

Of course, your service is a company, which means it’s important to be professional, respectful, and above board. But you also want your viewers to feel connected to you and excited to learn more about your company, so share your projects, what excites you about the business, goals, and more. This will really help you to stand out on the feed.

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