Interior Design Work at a Distance

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As an interior designer, you’re accustomed to exploring a space, getting a sense of lighting and size, and bringing your clients’ vision to life in their home or office. It can be challenging to do interior design work at a distance, but it isn’t impossible. Here are a few things designers working from home will want to keep in mind.


Decide What Skills to Offer

There are some elements of your job you just won’t be able to provide without physically entering the space, but don’t let that limit you. Outline and plan your business model to reflect a remote operations system and decide which services you feel comfortable and confident providing from home.

Set Expectations

Your website can be very helpful for explaining how a remote home interior design organization can help clients realize their design dreams, so take some time to update your online presence. Set standards for how often you’ll meet, what the price range looks like (or encourage them to ask for a quote) and how information and media will be shared as you work together. It’s important that both you and your client have a sense of schedule and goals before getting started.

Communicate Regularly

It’s already vital to communicate often with your client, to ensure they’re getting the look they want in their home, but it’s especially important to stay in close communication while you’re working remotely. You want to check that the work is coming along as you discussed and that your client is happy with how the style looks at every stage. The more communication during the process, the less trouble later down the line.

Use Social Media

There’s a good chance your interior design organization is already leveraging social media to reach new clients and promote your brand. Once you decide to work remotely, you’re going to want to take it a step further. Not only will social media allow you to showcase aesthetics and designs easily—Pinterest is an excellent tool for this—but it will provide opportunities to connect with potential clients outside of your region. Going remote means working with people from all over, not just within driving distance, and you’ll want to use social media to cast a wider net and expand your business.

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