Jewelry Photography Tips

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It’s very important to post photos of the jewelry your company sells and repairs online and across social media platforms. Photography is an excellent tool for bringing in new customers and showcasing your organization’s skills, but you want to be certain that the photos you take are just as beautiful as the bracelets and necklaces themselves. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to jewelry photography.

It’s All About the Light

Jewelry can be reflective and shiny, which means you don’t want to use artificial light or your camera’s flash. Natural light is the ideal lighting for jewelry photography, as it helps to bring out the bold and beautiful colors in rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, without sacrificing quality or sharpness. Remember, you don’t want to set your jewelry in direct sunlight, as that can cause shadows and color dulling, so play around with locations and times of day.

Make Your Jewelry Shine

Your pieces are beautiful and that should be reflected in every shot. Take the time to dust or polish your jewelry before you put them on display. Just a few extra minutes of care can really make every bracelet, necklace, and ring stand out.

Pick a Neutral Background

You want your jewelry to speak for itself, and anything more than a black or white background is going to distract and take away from the beauty of each piece. It’s important to match the kind of background with the colors in each piece in order for them to make a bold statement, so have a handful of neutral backgrounds available to swap between.

Keep Props at Hand

If you like photographing pieces on mannequins and stands, then you’ll want easy access to those pieces when you’re ready for them. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets can all benefit from being displayed as they will be worn, so consider investing in a few display items for your photos and any shows you might attend later on.

Keep Consistent

You want your customers and potential customers to know what kind of content to expect when they visit your website or your social media platforms. Work on developing your specific style and ensure each photo you share meets a certain level of quality. These images should help to support brand identity and share the word about your services.

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