Nature Crafts for Kids

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Nature crafts are an excellent way for your child to engage creatively, spend time outdoors, and create lasting projects and memories they’re sure to cherish. There are different types of nature crafts and you can make something unique all year long, but here are a few classics for your family to try first.


Birdseed Ornaments

You have many different ways of making birdseed ornaments, but there’s no wrong approach. Birdseed ornaments are great because they both teach kids how to be creative and open the conversation about birds and other types of wildlife, and what the human impact on the environment is. The most common bird feeder craft is a pinecone covered in peanut butter and then dipped in birdseed.

Leaf Printing

Leaf printing is especially fun in the fall when the leaves are starting to change color, but you can definitely do it in the spring and summer as well. There are two approaches for your kids to try when they find the perfect leaf on the ground. To start, they can paint sections of the leaf in their favorite colors and then press them on paper to see the different designs. For a negative space craft, they can place the leaf on a rock and then paint over it, to create a lasting outline.

Fairy Houses

Fairy houses are a great craft for creative kids and the activity lasts a while, which can be helpful on lazy summer afternoons. Fairy houses are, as the name might indicate, a little home for woodland or pond fairies to live. Encourage your kids to find sticks, bark, leaves, acorns, and rocks to start constructing their own fairy houses in the backyard. It’s important to remind them to only use materials they find, not ones that are still alive.


Pressed Flowers

Pressing flowers may appeal to older kids who are still interested in exploring nature and creating something new. Find beautiful wildflowers and press them between the pages of books or in a traditional flower press. They can then be used to make bookmarks, place settings, coasters, or wall decorations, or even be enclosed in a letter to a friend.

Forest Floor Bugs

Your child may have already noted that the leaves under their feet look like the wings of a butterfly or that a stick bug looks like the bark of a tree. Forest floor bugs are simple bug creatures made out of materials found in the woods or even your own background. Construct them of leaves, acorns, sticks, and flowers for a beautiful, organic design.

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