Necklace Styles to Try Out Today

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When putting together the perfect outfit, you don’t want to forget about the accessories. There are many different shapes and styles of necklaces to try out, from the cute and casual to the fancy and glamorous. Check out this necklace guide to get started today.


Collar Necklace

As the name might indicate, the collar necklace sits right at the collar and can add a high-class luxury look to any outfit. They are often referred to as collier necklaces and usually come in at around 14 inches. You might also find them in half-collar designs, where the back is open, but the front still rests at the collarbone.

Choker Necklace

The choker necklace is definitely having a comeback, as styles from the 1990s come back into fashion. But the choker didn’t originate with black plastic and shoelaces. In fact, they’ve been popular since the 1800s, and can be made out of many different types of materials and with or without pendants at the center. The one constant is that the choker wraps around the neck.

Lavalier Necklace

If you like jewelry with bold accent pieces and pendants, you’ll want to check out the lavalier necklace style. They were initially designed in classic French courts and are recognizable by the oversized pendant or tassel at the bottom.

Opera Necklaces

Opera necklaces are quite dramatic due to their length. They fall around 30 inches long, which can place them nearly at the naval and one benefit of wearing an opera necklace is the opportunity to layer with shorter pieces on top.

Bib Necklace

The bib necklace may not have a very beautiful name, but it is a very beautiful design. The necklace itself falls relatively high on the chest, near where a collar necklace would sit, but they fan out with jewels and come to a taper at the neck. You can find these pieces in many different aesthetics, but they are always bold and chic.

Princess Necklace

The princess necklace is truly worthy of the big screen, which is probably why jewels like these feature so heavily in cinema. It’s a style that falls just a little lower than the choker necklace and is to be worn with glamorous outfits for high-class occasions. This length and design fit very well on most women.

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