Online Resources Your Moving Company Should Offer Customers

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Moving is a challenging and complicated process and when it comes to helping your customers, the job doesn’t just take place day-of. When you provide helpful resources and tools to make their move easier and less complicated, they’ll see you as the team they can rely on and recommend for every move. Here are a few online resources your moving company will want to consider offering to your customers.


A Packing Guide

Packing your own home can feel a little intimidating and overwhelming. While every space will be different, a simple packing guide from your team will help give your customers a place to start—and they’re sure to appreciate it. Your guide should be general enough that many customers can use it to begin their packing process.

Safe Transport Tips

No one wants to make a big move, only to find out that their frames or glasses were broken in the hubbub. There are many different ways to wrap special items and your expertise can really come in handy when your clients are struggling to find the right materials. Consider adding in tips on packing some more unique and interesting items as well, to showcase your experience and provide valuable information.

A Shopping List

It may seem obvious to get packing tape and boxes, but a little more goes into effective packing than that. A good shopping list would recommend to your customers the different sizes of boxes they might need and how many to purchase based on the size of their home, options for packing fragile items, types of tape, and more. You may even want to link to coupons or discounts they’re sure to appreciate.

Disposal Resources

While packing up the boxes is relatively straight-forward, there are some items that can be a little more complicated to dispose of. Consider putting together a local resource guide for getting rid of bigger pieces of furniture and other bulky items. You’ll also want to mention outdoor items, donation centers, and even schools that can take big musical instruments or arts and crafts.

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