Paint Your Space With Ease

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One of the most common renovation projects for a new house is painting. Painting can help to refresh your space, add something special to kids’ rooms and home office, and really make your new place feel like a home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re ready to pull out the paint.


Weather Matters

While it may seem romantic to paint a bedroom on a rainy day, humid weather can wreak havoc on indoor paint. Humidity will cause the paint to drip and leave unsightly lines, and it takes much longer for paint to dry when the air is wet. If you do need to get the job done, go slowly and avoid rolling over the paint too many times.

Quality Matters

When it comes to picking out both your paints and your rollers and brushes, quality can make all the difference. Cheap rollers can shed and leave blotchy or gummy residue, and low-quality paint won’t go on as smoothly or last as long. Spending a little extra money on supplies now will save you a lot of extra money on repairs and fixes down the line.

Mix Your Paints

Even if you’re painting the entire room in a single, neutral color that comes straight off the shelf, you still want to pour the paints into a communal bucket and give them a good mix. There’s always the chance that one bucket is a little lighter or a little darker than the rest, and you won’t want to find that out after you get started.

Make Sure the Walls Are Clean

When surfaces are cleaned properly, the paint sticks to them much more evenly, which allows for a smoother, longer-lasting coat. There are many different resources for cleaning your walls before you paint, but it is an essential step to take.

Start With the Trim

Most professional painting companies will begin with the trim and then move onto the bigger surfaces. It’s easier to get the trim sections taped off and will take you less time, so it’s a good place to begin. You also don’t have to worry about getting paint on the walls, since you’ll be able to go over them later with the fresh color.

Cut Your Tape Free

It can be very tempting to pull painter’s tape off the wall for that smooth clean line, but you won’t get it every time. It’s vital to run your knife along the edge of the tape in order to separate the paint and tape. This will prevent large sections of finished paint from coming along as you remove the trim protection.

There’s a lot more to keep in mind about getting a smooth and beautiful look in your new home, so if you’re on the search for a team that can do the job right, is here to help. Search for our service providers and find the perfect painters for the job today.