Plan the Perfect Sweet Sixteen

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A sweet sixteen is a fun and exciting celebration of growth and a chance for your teenager to have a great time with friends and classmates. There’s no wrong way to do a sweet sixteen, whether it’s a pool party in the backyard or a fancy soiree at a country club. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning the perfect sweet sixteen.


Set Your Budget

You’ve probably seen one or two really fancy sweet sixteen parties, but don’t worry! There are many ways to throw an amazing celebration without breaking the bank. It’s a good idea to set your budget in advance so you’re not worrying about spending too much and you can focus on hosting a wonderful celebration for the person you love.

Pick a Theme

If your teenager is interested, a themed sweet sixteen party can be a ton of fun. The themes can run the gamut from Beach Bash to A Night in Paris, and they’re a great way to throw an epic party. Make sure that food, decor, and invitations all match the theme. People are sure to be talking about it come Monday morning!

Plan the Guest List

There’s no rule that says sweet sixteen parties have to take place on the day of your child’s birthday, so it’s a good idea to plan out the guest list and see if you want to move the date around to accommodate family members or friends from out of town. Remember, the more people you invite, the more expensive the event will be, so it’s important to think about who’s really special to the birthday kid!

Find the Right Venue

The venue can make all the difference, so it’s important to get started early. When it comes to finding the right venue, you’ll want to do your research, look into their party packages and catering options, and make sure that it can easily accommodate all of your guests. If you’re more interested in having the party in the backyard, that’s great! Money saved on venue can be used for entertainment, food, and goodies.

Make Sure There’s Entertainment

You want to find great entertainment to really keep the party going. A DJ or friend’s band can be a great option, but as long as you have an epic party playlist, you can definitely set the mood. If you’re worried about keeping the guests happy, consider a pool party, games and activities, or even a scavenger hunt.

Have Fun

Planning a sweet sixteen doesn’t have to be stressful. Your kid is probably worried about who will show and if the party will be a success, but it’s important that they—and you—have a good time planning the event! Work to make the decisions fun and exciting and keep them engaged and happy about this epic celebration!

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