Real Estate Law Resources to Offer Online

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Real estate law is designed to protect renters and buyers, to make it easy to purchase the right home or apartment for their needs, and to work out any issues or problems that might become apparent after a sale. While not every aspect of real estate law can be performed remotely, there are many services and tools your future clients will benefit by having access to online. Here are a few real estate law resources to consider offering remotely.

Sample Letters

There are many reasons a client might bring you on to help them draft a letter to a landlord or neighbor. They might be trying to decide if communicating about an issue is the right approach to take, so consider having examples of what the letter might entail, so they can make the choice of how to move forward.

Common Zoning Laws and Questions

Zoning is a big issue for tenants looking to build or expand on their homes. It can be difficult to navigate zoning information, so providing some basic information will help your future clients figure out when and how to bring you in and support their zoning needs. You want to make it easy for them to begin the conversation, and zoning law basics can help.

A Guide to Financing a House

A guide certainly can’t cover everything when it comes to financing or preparing to sell a home, but if your clients are looking for basic information or if they need to know where to get started, this can be a great asset. It will also ensure that they have the right paperwork and records available when you’re ready to start working together.

What to Know on Your Neighbors

Many real estate issues include neighborhood or neighbor disputes, and it can be challenging for first timers to know what is worthy of legal involvement and would best be settled independently. A basic guide for how to handle neighbor disputes will make it easy for potential clients to determine which cases to bring to your desk.

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