Selling Furniture With Social Media

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It may be challenging to bring new business into your furniture store at the moment, but that doesn't mean you can’t continue to build and grow your business all the time. Social media is an excellent way to reach new customers, provide design options and looks, and take your furniture company to the next level. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you develop your social media presence.


Maintain Brand Identity

Social Media is a facet of your existing company, so it’s important that your online behaviors and media reflect its values. Use existing brand content, like logos and designs, to showcase your company and everything you have to offer. It’s important to maintain your brand identity across platforms and in real life, so potential consumers can recognize your brand and know why you’re the right pick.

Use High-Quality Media

You want to show all the reasons your furniture—and your company—is the best. That means using top-quality photography that really highlights the beauty and luxury of your pieces. It’s better to post just a few professional photos than to have low-quality images that turn your customers away.

Create Aesthetics

Instead of just putting a piece of furniture on a blank background, you’ll want to show your customers all the ways they can style the piece. Put together rooms, create design boards and moods, and make it easy for customers to visualize how the piece will work in their home. This will help inspire and engage your audience.

Provide Plenty of Information

Buying furniture online can be a little scary since you don’t always get a sense of how large or bulky a piece is. It’s important that you, as the seller, provide as much information as possible so the customer can visualize how the piece would work in their own space. Pictures with measuring aids also go a long way to providing spatial context and encouraging customers to make that purchase.

Update Regularly

In order to stay current online, you need to update your platforms and feeds often and with helpful, exciting content. You can provide design and decorating advice, showcase new pieces that just came into the shop, share your favorite home office looks, and more. Your audience should turn to you for both entertainment and information and also when they’re ready for that great new dining room table.

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