Start a Career in Voice Over Acting

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Voice over acting is a fun and exciting way to share stories, bring characters to life, and really test your acting acumen. While it’s a little more complicated than simply having a good voice, you can begin the journey to your voice over acting career today. Here are a few important things to keep in mind along the way.


Know It’s a Business

Voice over acting is a lot of fun. Some of your favorite characters and shows probably benefit from voice actors. But at the end of the day, it is a business, and the more you know and understand about the business side of it, the better. Not only is it a good idea to do your research and learn all you can about how the industry works, but you’ll also want to behave like a professional, even when you’re just starting out. Practice regularly, engage with industry pros respectfully, and focus on your goals.

Be a Sponge

Voice over work is everywhere. Listen to the radio, television commercials, books, and animated films. Not only is it important to get a sense of all the different opportunities available to you, but you will also learn about the different styles, techniques, and skills that go into voice over acting. Like any art form, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the discipline to learn how it’s done and how you can do it yourself.

Practice Regularly

It’s not enough just to listen, you also need to put in the hard work of developing your own skills every day. Challenge yourself to read from different types of copy or test out several voices on the same script. The more time and energy you dedicate to practicing your craft, the more valuable you will be to potential jobs.

Find Your Community

You may not be able to access voice acting classes, but even if you do have the support and guidance of a professional voice acting educator, you’ll still want to work to surround yourself with the industry and members of the voice over acting community. This will help you to become a better voice over actor, keep you in the loop on news and events, and hopefully make it easy to find work in the future.

Get to Know Your Tools

In addition to your voice, voice acting requires recording tools that might take some time to get used to. There are many different available voice over setups on the market, and you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get good quality equipment. If you can, practice with several different set-ups, and always do your research to find out about new technology.

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