Stock Your Home Liquor Cabinet

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A common stable of a chic and modern home is the bar home or home liquor cabinet. When you’re first moving into mixed drinks that are sure to impress your friends, you’ll want to make sure that your home liquor cabinet has the staples. Put these basic items on your shopping list today.


The Right Hardware

The types of glasses you purchase first are going to be based on what kind of drinker you are. If you like wine more than mixed drinks, find a nice wine opener and glasses for white and red wine. If you’re more interested in mixing up martinis, you’ll need a shaker and toolset. Decide what you’ll be using the bar for most and pick up the right gear to start.

A Few Quality Spirits

It’s far better to have a handful of good bottles than to have a lot of bad ones. If you’re looking to build a well-stocked bar without spending a ton of money, then you’ll want to design it with a few key drinks in mind. Pick your favorite cocktails and then find high-quality liquor to make them for weekends and when you get home from work.


Vermouth is a bar cart staple that can be used to whip up some of your favorite cocktails. Use it in drinks like Martinis and Manhattans, just to start. There are two main types of vermouth, dry and sweet, so make sure you’re picking up the right brand and variety for your evening drink.

Drink Mixers

Just like it’s important to have the staple liquors, like gin, vodka, and rum, on hand, you also want to ensure you have the right mixers for your favorite mixed drinks. Ice is essential for any bar cart success, but you can play around with non-alcoholic options like juices, sparkling water, and simple syrups.

Garnishes and Extras

Who doesn’t love a little fruit in their drink? While you can’t exactly keep a bowl of fresh lemons on your bar cart indefinitely, citrus fruits are an example addition to any home liquor cabinet. If you know you’re going to be hosting a party or soiree, be sure to pick up some limes, lemons, and maraschino cherries for that extra special touch.

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