Tips for Purchasing Your First Plane

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Purchasing your first plane can be very exciting. It means adventures, travel, and open-air experiences like you’ve never had before. Still, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind for that all-important first-plane purchase to make certain you get the best deal and find the right plane for you.

Find the Right Plane for Your Budget

This might seem obvious to anyone who has owned a vehicle, but planes are a little more complex than cars or pickup trucks and come with larger and more expansive fees than a car you can park in your own driveway. It’s important to take the outside expenses into account when you set your new plane budget, like hanger costs, maintenance, repairs, and more.

Match Your Plane to Your Lifestyle

Having your own plane means you can travel with ease, but there are many unique travel experiences and you’ll want to make sure your new plane matches the kind of traveling you intend to do. Consider how often you’ll be using your plane, how far you plan on flying, and how many people you’ll want to take along. These are good questions to ask when it comes to determining the right first plane for you.

Consider New v. Pre-Owned v. Vintage

There’s a lot of really amazing vintage plane history that you can own, but if you’re looking to use the plane regularly, you’ll want to make sure it can be relied upon. Purchasing pre-owned is an excellent way to save money on a plane you really want, and if you’re looking to buy brand new, it’s a good idea to make sure that your budget supports it.

Check the Plane’s Maintenance Logs

If you decide to purchase pre-owned, it’s important to go over the vehicle’s maintenance logs. Not only will this tell you a lot about the plane, but it’ll tell you a lot about the person who currently owns it. If the logs are regularly updated, service is routine and well-documented, and inspections are up to date, you can feel more comfortable, knowing you’re purchasing a plane from a responsible plane-owner.

Bring a Mechanic You Trust

There’s a good chance that the seller’s mechanic is just as competent as your own, but purchasing a plane is a large business transaction and it’s a good idea to know that the person inspecting a potential vehicle can be trusted. Find a mechanic you know personally or one who comes well-recommended, so you can feel comfortable with your next steps on the buying process.

Consider Hiring a Buyer’s Agent

If this is your first time purchasing a plane, you might want the support and expertise of a buyer’s agent, who will make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. They’ll help to find you the perfect plane, go over safety and maintenance records for inconsistencies, negotiate price, and ensure that the paperwork is completed properly.

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