Types of Dance Classes for Kids

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Dance is a fun and exciting activity for kids of all ages to try out. It helps them to learn discipline, be creative, and stay healthy and you have lots of great options to pick from. Here are just some of the dance classes you can sign your little ones up for today.



Ballet is a classic, especially for little kids. Not only is it a ton of fun for them to dress up in their awesome dance outfits, but the lessons themselves are an engaging way to teach kids patience, practice, and drive. Ballet is a truly beautiful art form, and if your kid decides to continue on with their practice, they’ll have opportunities for success.



Is there anything cooler than a kid who can show off their tap-dancing skills? Like ballet, tap is a very disciplined form of dance, but it can be useful if they ever want to go into musical theater or stage productions. It has a classic and chic vibe to it, but it’s worth noting that it can be quite loud.

Hip Hop

Hip hop has a long and interesting history, and by exploring their creativity in a hip-hop dance class, your child can be part of something really special. The freestyle approach and goal of entertaining crowds while staying in rhythm will help to make your child more confident in front of an audience and able to think on their feet.

Modern Dance

Modern dance uses the skills and approaches taught in many other disciplines of dance, but with a less structured approach. The goal of a modern dance class is for your child to naturally react to the music and their environment, and to learn unique and beautiful forms of self-expression.

World Dance

World dance is a loose term used to describe dances from different regions and cultures around the world. In some world dance classes, your child will get a sense of many different types of traditional dances, and in others, they’ll focus on learning and perfecting a key few.

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