Understanding SEO at a Glance

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You’ve probably seen the term SEO when looking at marketing resources, but you’re not certain how to integrate it into your own online campaigns. SEO is a very important tool for getting your website noticed, bringing in new clients, and growing your business. Here are a few things to know about getting started with SEO.


SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization

Quite literally, SEO impacts where your website appears in search rankings and what kind of information is being utilized by search tools. Search tools use the metadata on your website to find keywords and phrases and make it easier for your company’s online presence to appear. The better your SEO, the closer you’ll be to the top of the first page on Google.

Balance is Key

Your instinct might be to start adding keywords to everything but be careful. SEO trackers have built-in fail-safes for companies that over-optimize or stuff keywords and phrases in where they don’t belong. This can really damage your ranking and it’s challenging to get going again after, so it’s best to have balance when picking and using keywords.

Search for the Best Keywords

Your keywords should represent your business and the benefits of using your site, but you don’t want to guess at them. Instead, it’s best to do some research, compare your audiences and users, and explore your keywords options through SEO rankers to find the most effective keywords for your website.

The Details Matter

It’s important that your external content works for SEO. If you run a small business, for example, you’ll want your location and business name prominently displayed on the site. That said, it’s just as essential that your content-rich pages follow SEO guidelines as well. That means both internal and external linking, the use of keywords, implementing headers to break up longer text, and multimedia with the appropriate metadata. All of this will help to boost your rankings and make your company more visible.

Don’t Start From Scratch

If you’ve been running a website for a long time and have lots of content, don’t worry. You definitely don’t need to scrap anything or start over. Instead, you’ll want to start going through the other posts and pages to update for SEO and make the overall website more compatible. As you move forward make sure that you build SEO-friendly pages, while continuing to update your older ones.

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