Virtual Event Planning Tips and Tools

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Planning a virtual event may require fewer moving parts than an in-person event, but the process can be complicated and it’s important to take the planning seriously. Your input and expertise can mean an exciting and memorable online event that helps an author to sell her books, a family to celebrate a wedding from afar, or a public speaker to inspire others. Here are a few things tips for planning your next virtual event.


Set the Tone

When it comes to virtual events, there’s less impetus to stick around if you’re uninterested or if the technology doesn’t work right. You want to set an exciting and engaging tone for the party from the very start. That means multimedia support, on-brand marketing, tools and resources on hand, and excitement in your voice. Even if you never show up on screen, you can still ensure the program runs smoothly throughout.

Test in Advance

Technology is amazing, but there are still some common audio and visual issues we have to contend with. You want to test out your equipment and the equipment of whomever you’re hosting the party for well in advance. This will give you a chance to find and address any issues, so special moments can be shared and information can be delivered with ease.

Encourage Interactivity

Depending on your type of event, you may want interactivity across the entire broadcast, or you may want it in specific places. If you’re looking to boost social interaction, you can post information on social handles, so your viewers know how to continue the conversation and invite others while it’s still ongoing. If you want all questions to be saved to the end, make it clear from the beginning that the audience should wait to engage.


Promote the Event in Advance

Just like you would a regular event! You want to make sure the guest list is full and that people are excited to be involved. Of course, if it’s a wedding or personal party, you won’t have to worry about bringing in viewers, but if you’re looking to help sell goods or services, showcase a new band, or bring awareness to a political issue, then promote in advance and work to get people excited right until the minute you go live.

Know Your Audience

It’s always important to know who your audience is when you’re planning an event, and that doesn’t change when the party goes digital. If your audience is more technologically savvy, that will save you some time connecting. Knowing your audience will make it easier to decide on calls to action (sharing on social media versus communicating via email), what multimedia to include, the language to use, and more.

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