What Every First Time Flying Student Should Know

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Taking the skies for the very first time is an amazing experience that will help to give you the skills you need to adventure further and explore all that the world has to offer. You may be feeling a little nervous about this very first flight, so here are a few things every flying student will want to keep in mind.


Do Your Research

Not only is it vital to make sure that you’re in the right flying class to fit your needs, but you also want to have all the important clearances and information necessary to going up in the air already on hand. Explore your lesson options and then look into what kind of medical requirements you need or anything else that might prevent you from taking off.

Communication is Key

No matter where in your flying education or career you may be, communication is fundamental to keeping your passengers and your plane safe and getting to your destination with ease. It may feel strange to communicate at first, since driving a car does not require discussion or approval from anyone else, but the sooner you become comfortable with regularly checking in, the better you’ll be at flying.

Make Sure You Have Your Tools

First-time pilots might not be familiar with the supplies necessary to complete a successful trip, though you can explore our guide right here at Ripplequest. As your lessons continue and ramp up, you’ll have a better sense of the tools and materials you rely on most, but speak to your flight instructor before you get started to see what they recommend you bring with.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

You may feel a little silly asking every question, but that’s what flight lessons are for. The more you know and the more comfortable you feel at the controls from the very beginning, the better. Your instructors are there to help you learn how to fly safely, effectively, and intentionally, so don’t hold back if you want clarification or answers on any lessons high in the sky.

Let Yourself Enjoy the Experience

Yes, it’s vital for you to focus on what your instructor has to say and to do everything in your power to become a good pilot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. You’re learning something new and it’s an amazing skill, so appreciate the experience while also absorbing important information and getting a sense of what it really means to fly.

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