What Your Motorcycle Sales Site Needs

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When customers can’t come into the shop or they’re still deciding if a motorcycle is the right vehicle for their lifestyle, your website is very important. It can provide the information prospective buyers need to know whether or not to visit and will set you and your team up as the experts to turn to when they’re ready to get started or take their bike to the next level. Here are a few things to consider adding to your motorcycle sales site today.


High-Quality Photography

Motorcycles evoke a visceral reaction and you want to ensure that your bikes come across as beautiful and bold online as they do in real life. For a lot of folks, a motorcycle can symbolize freedom, adventure, and the open road. It’s worth investing in quality photography to inspire potential customers to feel those powerful emotions when perusing your online gallery.

Helpful Information

When you look at houses online, you’ll see information on bedrooms, square footage, and lot size. This is designed to make it as easy as possible to eliminate the “no” pile from the “maybe” pile. Your website should do the same. It’s important to note the specs and any information on previously-owned bikes that the new ride will consider relevant. This will help weed out people who definitely won’t buy from the genuinely interested.

Riding Information

Many riders come to biking late in life and it can be a little complicated to get started. When you offer great resources like how to get your motorcycle license, what to look for in a bike, and more, your potential clients will see you as a resource for both the bikes themselves, and the information that makes their journey smoother and easier. You want to develop long-term relationships with your customers so they keep coming back for their riding needs, and providing these kinds of resources can really help.

An Open Line of Communication

Customers purchasing their first bike or their tenth are still going to have questions about specific models, state laws, licenses, and more. The easier your team is to get in touch with and the more quickly you respond to and help your future and current customers, the more they’ll like and appreciate your business. This, too, helps to develop those long-term relationships with customers.

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