What to Know About Kosher Cooking

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Kosher is a method of food preparation that is unique to the Jewish religion and culture. If you’re hosting kosher friends for dinner, or you just want to try out a few classic recipes, a little introduction to Kosher cooking can help. Here are a few things you’ll need to know.


There Are Three Main Categories

When preparing food along kosher guidelines, it’s important to keep in mind the three main categories: meat, dairy, and pareve, which refers to any non-meat or dairy products, like fruits, vegetables, and eggs. These distinctions are foundational to the kosher diet, because certain types of foods are not allowed to touch.

Meat and Dairy Must Stay Separate

Perhaps the most commonly practiced of the kosher guidelines is the separation of meat and dairy. For some, this is as simple as not mixing meat and dairy in a single dish. For others, the food must be prepared with separate utensils, washed in individual sinks, and served with ample time between courses. If you’re hosting kosher friends for dinner, it’s best to ask their practices.

Meat Must Come From Animals With Cloven Hooves

Only certain types of animals fall within the kosher guidelines. While certain types of fowl are permitted, including turkey and chicken, large animals must fall under the distinction of ‘cloven-hoofed’. That means cows, sheep, and goats. Fish are not considered meat, and instead fall in the pareve category.

A Certified Butcher Must Slaughter the Animal

According to Jewish tradition, the animal must be killed by a trained and certified butcher in order to be considered kosher. The butcher is called a shochet and will kill the animal, in the kosher way, with a single cut from a very sharp knife.

Shellfish is Forbidden

Fish are appropriate under kosher guidelines if they have scales or fins. That means large fish, such as tuna and salmon are fine for kosher dining, but you’ll have to avoid crab, shrimp, squid, and other ocean animals.

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