What to Study for a Career in Nonprofit

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Nonprofit work is an admirable way to give back to the world and help those who need it most. There are many different paths for getting involved with nonprofit organizations and you can come to a career in the nonprofit sector from several different angles. Here are a few things to consider studying college so you can begin work in the nonprofit world when you graduate.


Nonprofit Management

This is probably the most direct course for a position in nonprofit work. As a nonprofit management student, you’ll learn about the workings of different types of nonprofit systems, how to supervise others within a nonprofit organization, and tactics for fundraising, grant writing, and resource distribution, among other things.

Public Administration

Public administration is a discipline that works to implement government policies and programs. Those in this field also work with civil servants to make the jobs most effective. A lot of nonprofit work involves navigating grants and federal spending and policies that protect those in need, so a public administration background can be very beneficial.

Social Work

There are many different types of nonprofit organizations, but a social work degree can be beneficial in nearly every one. Social work is a discipline that aims to help individuals and families with mental health concerns, foster self-reliance and mental health management, aid those recovering from trauma or managing depression, PTSD, or other conditions. Many nonprofit organizations work to address issues directly related to these experiences, and others can simply benefit from having grief counseling and support in-house.

Business and Accounting

One area where nearly every nonprofit needs help and support is in fundraising and resource distribution. A business or accounting background can be very helpful for a nonprofit organization looking to raise more money for good causes, bring on wealthy supporters, to expand their reach to help more people.

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