Best Way to Remove Mosquitoes From Your Home

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Mosquitoes are considered the most dangerous animal on the planet.  Why?  Because they have to potential to carry and spread diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Zika or any other blood transferred disease, from one person to the next through a simple and quick bite.  Mosquitoes can also really ruin your outdoor experience by making it so annoying and inconvenient.  Generally, mosquito control starts by making sure there is no standing water or puddles around your home and outside.  Then, comes the more aggressive chemical treatment.

Mosquito Water Control

The first and most important way to eliminate mosquitoes is to eliminate their homes.  Mosquitoes thrive in humid and wet warm climates.  This is because they lay their eggs in water and they do it really well.  All a mosquito needs, is about something as small as a water bottle cap with some water in it, do begin producing hundreds of new baby mosquitoes.  If you ensure that your property perimeter and inside are free of any standing water, you will have already done the first most important things to prevent mosquitoes from taking over. We don’t think of it, but sometimes an old flower pot in our backyard may collect water when the sprinklers go on or a short rain comes through.  That’s all it takes to fill a lot of little holes of water, which are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  So, take some time to go around your house and yard to empty any standing water.

Using Mosquito and Bug Spray

Next on the list, is using bug spray.  While this isn’t the most effective way to remove mosquitoes, it might be a temporary way to eliminate a bunch at a time.  Spraying bug spray outdoors is like putting an air conditioners in a backyard during a Texas Summer.  It probably won’t do much to cool your yard, much the same way, spraying outside, won’t do much on a permanent basis.  There are certain types of sprays that can be used to kill the mosquito larva and prevent more from hatching, but keeping them away in the first place is certainly best.

Pest Control Services

When all else fails, you can always call a service to treat your area.  This is the most expensive way to treat your mosquito problem and won’t necessarily give you the results you are expecting, as the mosquito is that one type of bug that just doesn’t want to go away.  If you do need help and want to get a professional to help, check to help you find a professional quicker and easier than ever before.