Honeymoon Destinations You’re Sure to Love

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Congratulations! You’ve recently celebrated the ultimate declaration to love and now you're headed out on a romantic adventure with your new partner. There are many different types of honeymoon destinations to consider, so take a look at this guide before you decide where you want to book!


An Island Escape

There’s a reason so many people visit the Caribbean islands for their honeymoons. They’re truly beautiful and romantic destinations with bright blue oceans, fresh and delicious meals, and a sense of relaxation you can really enjoy with your new partner. You have many different islands to pick from, so check out all the packages and find the perfect location to book for your honeymoon.

A European Adventure

If you’re more interested in exploring museums and getting a taste for history and culture, you might want to consider booking a villa in Italy or a garden cottage in France. Pick from your favorite cultures for amazing cuisine, history, art, and memories that are sure to last a lifetime! And, of course, there’s nothing more romantic than a castle!

A Comfortable Cruise

There are many different types of cruises, so don't worry if you’re not interested in heading out to sea. You can book passage on a river or canal cruise as well and get the chance to explore totally new cities from the comfort of your moving cabin. Cruises are fun because you don't have to schedule or plan much, since the organization will do it for you, and you can pick many different locations to visit in a short time.

A Natural Romance

Maybe you’re more interested in seeing the stars or heading out into the wilderness. Consider booking a glamping trip at a beautiful campsite in a national park or someplace you’ve never visited before. Of course, you can always go totally rustic and bring your tents, kayaks, and sleeping bags for a honeymoon far from the city.

A Leap For Love

Do you love adrenaline? If you and your partner are into heart-racing adventures, why not consider doing something totally different? Sleep in an ice hotel under the Northern Lights, go sky-diving or bungee jumping, or rent a houseboat in a brand new port. Your honeymoon should reflect you and your partner and the love you feel for each other, so there’s nothing wrong with taking a leap!

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