RQ is So Much Better than AI and Can Save Your Job

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The big question in the world, is will AI take my job?  The simple answer is that it doesn't have to, if you know how to make yourself valuable.  Allow us to explain.  Quite simply AI, also known as arificial intelligence...did you hear that?  ARTIFICAL intelligence.  This means it's not real.  The intelligence comes from human beings who inputed enough data for it to appear intelligent.  This means that it can only output what is put into the system.  For example, if you never teach it the concept of color, it won't be able to describe or even use the word BLUE.  Simply put, it's only intelligent as the programmers and people that input information, and then there are still limits.


Yes, AI can produce information faster than a human can, but a calculator was created to calculate faster than a human was able to...I don't think you can say that calculators took away jobs.  In fact, I think it's fair to say that calculators made us more productive and perhaps more jobs were created, because people who were outherwise unable to calculate efficiently, now had the tool to be good at a numbers job.  When computers first came out, did they replace jobs?  If you look around, I think you can see that there are so many more people with different talents, using computers, that there are probably more different jobs today than there were 30 years ago.

So, while certain jobs might change in the way they are done, there will be different jobs created and a generation of more efficient production of things that the TOOL we can AI will be capable of doing.


Even the dumbest people on earth will do things that AI can't do or solve.  Our brains are so much more complicated than the most sophisticated computer on the planet.  Yes, that's true, although it may not appear that way, but it's very true.  We can see this right now in self driving cars.  No matter how complex the programming and hardware of a self driving car and the millions of dollars put into it, they still can't solve what seem like simple driving tasks that a human being can do effortlessly.  The amount of computing power required to run complex tasks is simply no match for the human brain which seems to easily compplete tasks that would make an robot today start smoking at the root of it's wires.


Ok, so how can we protect our jobs now and in the future?  There will always be a need for products and services...always.  Even when robots are walking around, we will still need food, entertainment, companionship, transportation and everything else we have today.  Yes, things may change the way things are done, but human beings have the ability to think outside of their programming, we have the true ability to learn and develop on the spot, and this is the difference between AI and RQ.  RippleQuest is a one of a kind platform to save our jobs now and in the future, because RippleQuest is the complete opposite of AI.  RippleQuest allow people to search HUMAN brains for what the are looking for and not a finite database that is limited to the information it has pre-programmed.

As an example, say someone is looking for a new home to purchase and they have a budget of $500,000 and they know they need 3 bedroom and a pool.  So, they do a search online for those specifications and nothing comes up, because there just isn't anything for sale.  Now, instead, they use RippleQuest and do the same search.  The search request will RIPPLE out to every real estate agent relavent to the location they are searching...within moments, a real estate agent will respond and say "I have the perfect property.  It has everthing you want, except the pool, however it's being listed for $430,000.  For $70,000 you can put in you own custom pool and you will have exactly what you wanted."  This simplay cannot happen with AI, becauase AI doesn't have the ability to think outside the box, it literally can only think inside the box.

So, for everyone in the world who wants to save their future income and job, all they have to do is be a part of the RippleQuest network by signing up for free.  Once you are in the system, the world can search for you and human beings can help humand beings ensure the future looks brightest.