The Best Jewelry Gifts for Men

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Jewelry is a lovely gift, and everyone enjoys receiving a beautiful memento of love and memories, but it is often thought of as a gift for women and not for the special men in their lives. Here are a few bold and exciting pieces of jewelry that make for excellent anniversary, birthday, and just-because presents for men.



Watches are already a common gift for men, but why not take them to the next level? There’s no reason that men can only enjoy dark and subdued watches with so many other great options available. Find gorgeous pieces that really fit their personalities and don’t be afraid to pick something really bold.


There are many different options available for men’s bracelets, from adorned leather pieces to gold chains, to sleek and shiny cuffs. Just like for women, bracelets can really add something unique to a man’s outfit, whether he’s at work or out on the town, so look for versatile pieces that pair well with his wardrobe.

Earring Studs

If the man you’re purchasing for has pierced ears, why not consider buying something super special, like a pair of diamond studs or a geometric cuff that makes a big statement in a small package? Earrings are a great way to show a person just how well you know them and what they love, so check out artisans and jewelry designers to find that perfect look.


There’s no reason men should be limited to wearing only wedding rings. Rings for men come in all shapes and sizes, from the chic and narrow to the stylized and attention-getting. Rings tend to be a more permanent piece of jewelry, which means you’ll want to take a little extra time as you search for that perfect piece.

Chains and Necklaces

Men often wear their religious symbols on chains, but there are many other jewelry options available to them, from the subtle shine to the outfit-making statement. If they have a special interest or they want to represent their culture or identity, a beautifully designed necklace can really do the trick. Geometric elements are popular on necklaces for men and you’ll want to consider layering a few different lengths together for a cool and casual look.

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