What Every Auto Dealership Website Needs

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With health concerns high, you may be finding that fewer customers are coming into your dealership or searching for new vehicles in person. An excellent website can help you to keep their attention, provide the information they need to get started, and make it easy to help them find the perfect vehicle from the comfort of home. Here are a few key features every auto dealership website should have.


A List of Inventory

Of course, your inventory changes all the time, but your future customers should have a good sense of what kind of vehicles are available to them and what falls within their budget. If you sell pre-owned or certified pre-owned vehicles, fleet vehicles, or cargo trucks, you’ll want to showcase those as well. It’s also a good idea to highlight any specialty inventory you might have, like cars available for under $15,000, so your customers can see the many different options available to them.

Specials, Deals, Incentives, and Savings

Like inventory, your dealership probably has rolling savings and specials, so it’s important to update your website regularly to reflect your current offerings. That said, highlighting specials and deals is an excellent way to reach potential customers, who might feel like the vehicle they really want is out of their price range. If you have specific discounts for first responders, students, or military personnel, that’s important to mention as well.

Financing Resources

Financing a new or pre-owned vehicle can be scary, which is why you want to provide your customers with all the information and resources they need to begin the process right from the comfort of home. That might mean an online financing application, a trade-in estimator for their current ride, or even a payment calculator to help them find the right terms to fit their needs. Don’t forget to highlight the expertise of your financing team, so they know they call and ask for more information or advice at any time during the process.

Service and Parts Information

Service plays a key role in keeping new and pre-owned vehicles running properly, so you’ll want to impress upon future customers that your dealership is the place to go for excellent service and parts they can rely on. Inform them of their service and maintenance options available at your dealership and why they should rely on your team. Don’t be afraid to list benefits like technician certification and training, OEM parts, shuttle and rental services, and your comfortable waiting area.

Here at Ripplequest.com, we want to ensure that reaching new customers and helping them find the perfect vehicle is easy and exciting. Search for professionals of business and marketing resources, and take your dealership to the next level today.