What to Know About Customizing Your Bike

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Customizing your bike is an excellent way to make it really feel like your own. You can increase power, add something special to the design, and a whole lot more. There are many different ways to approach customizing your bike and a few things you’ll want to keep in mind along the way.


Do Your Research

If you’re interested in bringing your motorcycle into a custom shop to have the work done by a professional, you’ll want to be certain that it’s the right professional. Just like you would search through portfolios when picking out a tattoo artist, you’ll want to explore your many custom shop options, styles, and skills, to ensure you’re finding the right artist for the job.

Set a Budget

It’s important to be honest with yourself when it comes to the budget for customizing your bike. Most really good custom work is more expensive than you’d expect, and it’s far better to wait until you have the funds for a great job or high-quality parts than to get the work done early and have it look shoddy or low-budget. Be aware if you’re customizing yourself that you’ll likely spend more on parts and resources than you think, so set aside a realistic budget.

Have a Plan

There are lots of really cool bike designs out there, but you can’t put them all on a single bike. Before you pick your customizer or even set your budget, you’ll want to have a sense of what kind of design you’re looking for. This will help guide you on costs and styles and make it easier to realize the bike look that you really want.

You Don’t Need to do It All At Once

This really depends on the kind of custom work you’re looking to do. If you want a full, top-to-bottom personal design from a custom shop, it’s better to have the project completed in one go for cohesive and cost. But if you’re playing around with customizing yourself, it’s okay if you can’t do everything at once. You might want to start with a few small projects and work your way up from there.

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