What to Know Before Starting Marriage Counseling

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Marriage counseling is an effective way to handle difficulties in your romantic relationship and make it easier to decide how to move forward. There are many different reasons to enter marriage counseling and every experience is going to be unique, but there are a few things you’ll want to know before you begin.


It Will Require Honesty

Naturally, being in a therapy environment with someone you hold strong emotions for does require honesty, but you’re also going to have to be honest with yourself, which is sometimes more challenging. You need to know if you’re truly willing to fight for a future within your marriage and if you’re willing to walk away if it turns out to be the right choice for your needs. The more honest you are about your own emotions, the more effective the sessions will be.

It’s Important That You’re Both on Board

You and your partner will probably both have a lot of feelings about visiting a counselor, but as long as you’re both invested in determining the next steps, the process will be able to work to its natural completion. If one of you is taking the other along or simply humoring their partner, that lack of commitment and faith in the counseling—and your relationship—will be evident. Discuss, before you start, if you’re both fully in.

It’s Okay to Have Doubts

One of the reasons you’re visiting a counselor is to find out if those doubts can be addressed and handled in a satisfactory way, or if they are underlying and difficult to overcome. The process will take time and you will likely experience more than one moment of wondering if you’ve made the right choice. You’re not alone in feeling this way and it doesn’t mean the counseling isn’t working. Your emotions are valid, so give yourself time to explore their meaning and see what options are available to you.

The Right Counselor is Important

Just as it’s vital to find the right personal counselor, you want to find a marriage counselor whose methods and goals fall in line with your own. Marriage counseling is very intimate, and it’s essential that you feel comfortable opening up with their prompting and guidance. Follow your gut and do a little research to find the right counselor for your shared needs.

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